Who We Are

Our Story

It all began when a family moved from South Africa to the United States chasing after the American Dream. Founder, John Sizer was raised in South Africa and found himself pondering on what he could contribute to the U.S.A. after moving his family across the world. He rented a tiny room out of a large warehouse, licensed the business and brought in his first container, a whopping 100 cases, you heard that right.

He’d label, pack, deliver and ship the orders with the help of his wife, Diana and his daughter, Chloe’. The lengthly hours, drives across the state of Florida to deliver a handful of cases was how it all began. The dedication behind adding to the economy after their move and bringing a piece of home with them to share with the large South African population in the U.S.A. and introducing it to new markets is what made this exciting.

The passion for this industry runs throughout the family. The Sizer’s find success in their approach to this business and joy in watching people explore new products or find a memory in their glass.

It's all about experiencing new products, watching people's reactions when they say ``ah-ha`` that reminds me of home or it takes them back to a heartfelt memory. Founder, John Sizer

Our Values

The qualities at the heart of our success - past, present, and, we believe, future.

We love what we do! We believe that passion, enthusiasm and determination are contagious and have proven as critical to our ongoing success.

We don’t embrace change, we are continually chasing for change. We’re always improving and offering new and exciting products for all U.S. markets.

We become your partner. From the moment we connect, we’ll be available for a friendly chat, banter on new ideas and products, offer strategy on what to order for your markets, you name it, we’ll pick up the phone.

This industry takes us all on a journey. The journey of the grapes, barley and fruit, to the gentle creation and bottling to being shipped thousands of miles across the world, all to have consumers experience something beautifully unique and exciting in every sip. Enjoy the process, it’s like none other.

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