“Passion Runs in the Family”Our Story

South African Beer imports wines, beers, ciders and spirits from South Africa. Founded by John and Diana Sizer, South African Beer has grown into a family-run business with their two daughters which only exhibits true excellence.

Our array of wines, beers, ciders and spirits are primarily from South Africa and Namibia. However, we don’t shy away from other countries as we believe there’s something impeccable to be offered by all.

Being an Importer and Distributor in sunny South Florida, our products are available outside of Florida through like-minded distribution partners who appreciate the uniqueness of our offerings.

It's all about experiencing new products, watching people's reactions when they say ``ah-ha`` that reminds me of home or it takes them back to a heartfelt memory. Founder, John Sizer
We’re looking forward to working with you!

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